Internet Services

I specialise in fast, efficient web sites suitable for a busy browser in a busy world on a busy web. Let me quote for all your Internet requirements. Email Derek

Like to see some examples?

Do you need to cover a specialist subject in detail?
Farm-Direct started as a simple site listing farmers who were selling their produce direct to the public. Now it has grown into a resource site where non farmers can learn more about farming and the countryside. But you can still find someone there to provide you with premium quality farm fresh produce in season. Provides an internet service for UK dancing giants and their like. Historical research on a specialist subject in a special locality. A touring exhibition Pots Brooms and Hurdles expands on the material presented here. Counselling and therapy with special reference to Solution Focused Brief Therapy A group of therapists and counsellors offering a variety of therapies. Writing, stories and downloadable publications. Angling articles, advice and anecdotes. Would you like to invite your friends and family to a world of murder and mystery?
Or perhaps you have more modest requirements without sacrificing quality:
The Casterbridge Hotel. A Georgian Town House Hotel offering secluded comfort within walking distance of Dorchester town centre.
No.6 North Square. A bistro offering a wide range of delicious dishes, close to the centre of Dorchester.
Would you like to stay in control and enter your own text and images in a content managed, database driven system? Do just that to supply specialist prints, greetings, cards, posters and postcards.
Would you like a section added to an existing site?
The Discworld Chronicle The magazine of the (Terry Pratchett) Discworld Convention. For which event I also undertook the DTP and reprographics.
You don't have to have a website.
You can just use a domain for email if you wish. A personalised address so that you are not tied to one ISP.

Hosting and Domain Names

Small and low traffic sites can be hosted on the server. Larger sites or those with special requirements may be found more suitable homes. Co-location, mirroring or 'foreign' (outside the UK) servers can be arranged. Multiple subdomains and secure servers might be required by some businesses whilst others want no more than email servers. Everyone's needs are different.

E-mail Derek Moody to discuss your requirements.

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